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Bugs Are Also Important

September 28, 2006 8 comments

The Bug

The most irritating element of computer program is the “Bug”. Every programmer hates this creature as the output of the program. That’s why every “programmer” has a fight with the “tester”. Tester wins by finding the bug and the programmer loses after getting that. But I think the bugs are also very important for every programmer. Although, the number of bugs decreases the performance of the programmer, the bugs are necessary for him. The bugs are necessary in the context of getting deeper into the entire project. Specially when you are customizing the already written code. The more you get the bugs the more you go deeper into the actual flow of the program. This is same as darkness of night is necessary to know the importance of the dawn and the losses are necessary cheer in the gains. Even I feel while coding and customizing that as much the tester assigns the bugs and enjoys, I take them as the new opportunity to improve my code.

I know this looks some awkward, but I think so. What you think?

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