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Play Multiple Roles

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Roles, sometimes, become the torch bearer for some body. Sometimes the roles become the reasons to change your view of looking to any object. The challenging roles may have some difficulties with them, but this should be taken as a new opportunity to shape yourself accroding to that. Sometimes you don’t realize what you can do and what abilites you pursue. The new role may pull those out of yourself.

You may play a single role better and better every time. But this will lead you best in one and worst in other. Consistent personality in any new role is the demand of today’s corporate world. You may have to play different roles in being a boss and subordinate simultaniously. So being expert in only one will lead you become a good subordinate but proves you a non-eligible boss.

The big is the role, the big is the responsibility. A new team member may think that he is good at his place with very less resonsibility. But sometimes the new member will have to play the role of team lead in the absence of his boss. This may be difficult for him but gives him a good chance to show the features of a good leader.

Playing multiple roles at the same time with efficiency is an art of being ideal to others also. Time management and the mind set is very much required for the effective and efficient performance. One should be very flexible while switching the roles.
When we can play multiple roles in our lives, why don’t at work also. What do you think?

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  1. Sandhya
    April 21, 2007 at 12:02 pm

    Hi Asit,

    You’ve stated a very true thing that a person need to play multiple roles allthrough his life.May that be on professional front or personal one, effective role playing is utmost important.

    Its correct that more responsibilities show faith of others on you.Hence each person should execute them properly so as to be a ideal for others and encouragment for himself.

    Keep going


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