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When my heart broke

February 25, 2008 3 comments

Here you can see what happened, when I proposed the first girl in my life 🙂

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Fool or lack of information!!

February 1, 2008 6 comments

Few days back, I asked one of my good friend to send me some money. He agreed and went to the nearest ATM to deposit money. He simply filled all the information regarding my account on the envelop and drop that into the “Cheque Drop Box”. When I didn’t get the money after expected days, I called him to ask. When he told, what he did, I died of laugh at his foolishness. The amazing thing was, he doesn’t have account in that bank too.

After sometime I thought that, why to blame only his foolishness. People do lots of things carelessly. He may be dump but the banking system was also a big “Dump”. This is the responsibility of the “System ” to be informative enough to suggest right steps to use them. If someone is giving wrong input to any system, either software or hardware, the system is responsible. I think he should claim for his money but he doesn’t have any proof ( this is surely his foolishness 🙂 ).

The banking system should provide “what to do” along with “what NOT to do(At least what mistakes one can do.)”.

I think bank should paste/print these on the envelop or on ATM centers:

1- You can not deposit cash here if you don’t have account with us.

2- Please do not drop cash in the “cheque drop box”.

3- You must have ATM card to deposit cash at ATM points.

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