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Breaking News!!

April 29, 2008 2 comments

breakinig news

You open the TV to get some news updates. You rush to a news channel who claims to be the best news channel. Suddenly you hold your breath seeing the Breaking News heading. The breaking news is:

Breaking News:: Tulsi ki wapasi………………

Your excitement ends up with frustration and irritation. You change the channel. After some time, you again reach the same channel, now the breaking news is::

Breaking News:: Mumbai ke zoo me ek magarmacchh ne anda diya……….

Now either you want to break your head or the TV. Obviously you don’t do any one. So you simply switch off the TV. After 1 hour you again open the TV with some hope. Now the best news channel is showing the clippings of some idiot Saas-Bahu daily soap which is becoming the epic in television history. Now I don’t have words to express your frustration level. Finally you start searching for the news paper having older but better news.

This is now the standard of news channels. They try to make the simple news, sensational. They have hours to discuss what Khali did in WWE, but don’t have even 5 minutes for successful launch of 10 satellites at one go. They have full time to discuss about Dhoni’s hair style but not to discuss about the people who spent their lives serving for society.

I suggest, they should claim to be the best entertainment channel.

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