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Pranav Mistry: Master of SixthSense Technology

November 19, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments
Pranav Mistry demoed some sixth sense technology enabled tools TEDIndia. He showed that how a physical device can interact with the world of data and information. The interesting part is that he started working on his concept tools from using the motion sensors of an ordinary computer mouse.
With the full development and the implementation of his concept devices one can:
* watch the news as TV news printed on news paper,
* find more details of any physical object just by taking them in one’s hands,
* take pictures just by making frames using one’s fingers,
* pick any picture or block of data like a physical object and drop them on your computer screen or any other paper to modify them and a lot more.
Microsoft’s “Surface” is also based on multi-touch and gesture recognition, but has some limitations. The concept tools presented by Pranav are really  awesome and brilliant. The constructive use of this technology will bring a revolution in the future world.
I think the best use of this technology to help the physically challenged people. Just imagine how helpful it would be if we can make:
* Sixth sense enabled paper helping the deaf to display what others say,
* Sixth sense enabled earphones which tell a blind about an object name, type, size and distance,
* A speaking device which plays the dialogs which a dumb want to say and a lot more.
I really appreciate Pranav to come up with this brilliant idea.
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  1. Jiten
    January 30, 2010 at 6:28 am

    Really it’s very good.

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