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A Request to Mayawati

September 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Dear Mayawati,

Respectfully we beg to say that please be human and save some money for disaster managment instead of just spending hard earned money in making statues of yours and your beloved elephants. Now it is too late as people are dying in western UP without food and homes affected by flood and you are asking Rs.2000cr aid from center. Shame on you.


Citizens of UP

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Back To Life

December 28, 2009 4 comments

Yes, I am back to life. Before starting job in IT company, I was fit and leading very healthy life. After that my lifestyle changed. My daily schedule included coming to office by bike and sit in the office for more than 9hrs
and going back to room, have dinner and sleep. This schedule depressed my physical activities very much but not my food intake. consequently, I started accumulating fat. I never realized that the fat I was gaining was slowly affecting my thinking and attitude. My attitude towards my relationships, life, and future prospects started getting dull. Consequently my work performance started dipping. I never felt fresh and enthusiastic in daily activities even after taking full rest.

Once I got one chain mail having words of Infosys chief Narayan Murthi addressed to the IT techies. He said “life is not just the office and work. Life means a lot. Manage your time so that no need to sit extra time in office. After office explore some new activities. This will make u fresh.”

Getting inspired with this, I thought why not start fighting with my fat. I joined a gym and started spending at least 1 hr everyday there. The initial days were very difficult and full of tiredness. But slowly I started getting my energy and exuberance back in daily routine. My work performance got better with positive attitude towards life. I lost around 4Kg weight within 1 month. I can’t express how good it feels to stand in front of the mirror and see myself coming in shape again. I would like to list some of the improvements in daily routine:

1- Now I don’t feel like sleeping 15 min more in morning and open eyes with full freshness (be at office on time).
2- Now I don’t suffer the sleepless (or less sleep) nights and have sound sleep because of being tired physically.
3- Less yawning in office and meetings (my biggest achievement).
4- Better utilized my free time (rather than just watching TV).

5- Started using my older favourite jeans (another achievement).
6- No time to think negative (empty mind is devil’s home).
7- Wrap up my work within office time (improves my time management).

Now I am planning to join swimming classes on weekends. I found my life back with this idea, you never know which one brings yours back. So keep exploring your hobbies. This really works.

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I Love Firefox

November 13, 2009 Leave a comment
Nov 09th is the birthday of Firefox and this year it has completed 5 years. I can say these five years firefox has  shown continuous growth to success and popularity. Being a web developer I can bet that firefox is the best internet
browser among others. Most of the open source web developers prefer to use this as default web browser. I can recall that I used IE only once just to download firefox on my personal computer. Our most of the development time goes in fixing design related bugs on IE and this is really frustrating.
Many many thanks to the firefox development community.
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Credit Card Traps

November 12, 2009 Leave a comment
cardThe credit card is one of the very good facilities offered by banks. But some times this facility becomes a hassle for you and you feel like trapped. I’ve been through same kind of experience last month.
I got last month’s credit card statement. I was shocked to see that the bank added Rs.2000 for annual card fee, Rs.1000 for add-on card annual fee and some Rs.400 for the service tax against these annual charges. That made mycredit card due shoot-up to almost double.
I called to the bank customer care to resolve the issue. The executive told me the same story written in the statement. I claimed that this was not mentioned at the time of applying for the card. The executive then assured me that they are waving off those extra charges. She then said, “Sir we have a very good offer for the heath insurance policy. Just listen this offer”. I thought that there is no harm at least in listening the offer. She forwared the call to other (insurance) company executive, they tied up with. Then he started explaining the company health insurance offer. The guy was so smart and I don’t know when he snared me. He was about the activate the health policy and was going to deduct the policy premium from my credit card.
I scent that I am in trap, I suddenly stopped him. I totally refused to activate any policy linked to my credit card.
Then I came to know, why the bank added that extra amount. If one gets those extra charges and doesn’t call them, then he will have to pay that amount. If he calls regarding this, the bank will try to snare him in some offers. In both the cases the bank takes the benifit.
I would suggest everyone to be very careful with the use of credit cards. If you are smart enough, you will enjoy it’s benefits. In other case the facility will become hassle for you.
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Play Multiple Roles

April 9, 2007 1 comment

It’s me

Roles, sometimes, become the torch bearer for some body. Sometimes the roles become the reasons to change your view of looking to any object. The challenging roles may have some difficulties with them, but this should be taken as a new opportunity to shape yourself accroding to that. Sometimes you don’t realize what you can do and what abilites you pursue. The new role may pull those out of yourself.

You may play a single role better and better every time. But this will lead you best in one and worst in other. Consistent personality in any new role is the demand of today’s corporate world. You may have to play different roles in being a boss and subordinate simultaniously. So being expert in only one will lead you become a good subordinate but proves you a non-eligible boss.

The big is the role, the big is the responsibility. A new team member may think that he is good at his place with very less resonsibility. But sometimes the new member will have to play the role of team lead in the absence of his boss. This may be difficult for him but gives him a good chance to show the features of a good leader.

Playing multiple roles at the same time with efficiency is an art of being ideal to others also. Time management and the mind set is very much required for the effective and efficient performance. One should be very flexible while switching the roles.
When we can play multiple roles in our lives, why don’t at work also. What do you think?

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Bugs Are Also Important

September 28, 2006 8 comments

The Bug

The most irritating element of computer program is the “Bug”. Every programmer hates this creature as the output of the program. That’s why every “programmer” has a fight with the “tester”. Tester wins by finding the bug and the programmer loses after getting that. But I think the bugs are also very important for every programmer. Although, the number of bugs decreases the performance of the programmer, the bugs are necessary for him. The bugs are necessary in the context of getting deeper into the entire project. Specially when you are customizing the already written code. The more you get the bugs the more you go deeper into the actual flow of the program. This is same as darkness of night is necessary to know the importance of the dawn and the losses are necessary cheer in the gains. Even I feel while coding and customizing that as much the tester assigns the bugs and enjoys, I take them as the new opportunity to improve my code.

I know this looks some awkward, but I think so. What you think?

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I can see my home from sky!!

August 24, 2006 4 comments

I have not been to my home since one year back. Really I am missing my home and my city also. Now I got the way, I can visit my city and my home through my PC. Looks exiting? yes for me also. Atleast I can watch my home from sky. This is what WikiMapia does. Words from Wikipedia
“WikiMapia is an online map resource that combines Google Maps with a wiki system, allowing users to add information (in the form of a note) to any location on the globe. Created by Alexandre Koriakine and Evgeniy Saveliev, the project was launched on May 24, 2006 and is aiming towards “describing the whole planet Earth“.
Do you really want to have an exiting tour to your home, come on WikiMapia

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