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Badi Mushkil se Duniya me Dost Milte Hai….

April 7, 2009 2 comments

This is a line of a famous Hindi song by Kishor Da. This line completely fits to my friends. 

My father got a major heart attack and I was in Bangalore. I had to rush to my native place, Kanpur. Before leaving, I just informed one of best friend around me about my arrival. I informed other and he booked the flight ticket on-line. I reached Delhi then from there I took train and reached Kanpur. I was trying to grab an auto, but what I saw another friend already waiting for me. He took me directly to the hospital where papa was admitted. Within half an hour all my true friends gathered at the hospital and offered to stay there for any kind of requirement.

We 5 guys stayed at the hospital for full 7 nights without a single nap for a single minute. In that span of time all of them slept just for 2-3 hours in day time. Although all of them were very busy in there work schedule and one of them was fasting for 8 days due to Navrata, they took care of my dad with me. Although they are not strong financially, they offered the financial support. But at that time I required moral support very badly which they provided just by their presence.

Now my dad is out of danger and about to be released from the hospital within 2-3 days. After being assured about papa’s health, I came back to Bangalore, but friends are still there supporting my family. I will not give thanks to them for their efforts but will pray to God to make me available whenever any of my friends seeks my presence.

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Funny things about Ghajini:

March 26, 2009 Leave a comment

Amir Khan’s latest released movie Ghajini is the biggest Bollywood hit of the year 2008. I have seen the movie and appreciated a lot. I could find good humor in the happy part of the movie. but the kids of this generation are smarter and more humorous than the adults. Want to know how? Just read below….

fun in Ghajini

Humor in Ghajini

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Breaking News!!

April 29, 2008 2 comments

breakinig news

You open the TV to get some news updates. You rush to a news channel who claims to be the best news channel. Suddenly you hold your breath seeing the Breaking News heading. The breaking news is:

Breaking News:: Tulsi ki wapasi………………

Your excitement ends up with frustration and irritation. You change the channel. After some time, you again reach the same channel, now the breaking news is::

Breaking News:: Mumbai ke zoo me ek magarmacchh ne anda diya……….

Now either you want to break your head or the TV. Obviously you don’t do any one. So you simply switch off the TV. After 1 hour you again open the TV with some hope. Now the best news channel is showing the clippings of some idiot Saas-Bahu daily soap which is becoming the epic in television history. Now I don’t have words to express your frustration level. Finally you start searching for the news paper having older but better news.

This is now the standard of news channels. They try to make the simple news, sensational. They have hours to discuss what Khali did in WWE, but don’t have even 5 minutes for successful launch of 10 satellites at one go. They have full time to discuss about Dhoni’s hair style but not to discuss about the people who spent their lives serving for society.

I suggest, they should claim to be the best entertainment channel.

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When my heart broke

February 25, 2008 3 comments

Here you can see what happened, when I proposed the first girl in my life 🙂

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Fool or lack of information!!

February 1, 2008 6 comments

Few days back, I asked one of my good friend to send me some money. He agreed and went to the nearest ATM to deposit money. He simply filled all the information regarding my account on the envelop and drop that into the “Cheque Drop Box”. When I didn’t get the money after expected days, I called him to ask. When he told, what he did, I died of laugh at his foolishness. The amazing thing was, he doesn’t have account in that bank too.

After sometime I thought that, why to blame only his foolishness. People do lots of things carelessly. He may be dump but the banking system was also a big “Dump”. This is the responsibility of the “System ” to be informative enough to suggest right steps to use them. If someone is giving wrong input to any system, either software or hardware, the system is responsible. I think he should claim for his money but he doesn’t have any proof ( this is surely his foolishness 🙂 ).

The banking system should provide “what to do” along with “what NOT to do(At least what mistakes one can do.)”.

I think bank should paste/print these on the envelop or on ATM centers:

1- You can not deposit cash here if you don’t have account with us.

2- Please do not drop cash in the “cheque drop box”.

3- You must have ATM card to deposit cash at ATM points.

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Life is changing:

December 12, 2007 2 comments

Life can take any turn at any moment. Sometimes others experiences guide you and most of the times yours own. Your own experience will last forever, so better to follow that. Life is like a dice with different phases. Sometimes it shows happier moments and sometimes critical ones. According to the phase, you will require to take decisions. My life is changing and showing totally new phases to me. Few months back I changed my working technology, now again I have to change it. I welcome this change because this will give me better exposure to the tech world. I know it would be hard for me to pick up the new challenge, but still I am ready to take this. Let’s see what is behind the hills. I don’t know my decision is good or not. but I will go for it. Its better to die rather than sitting idle.

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August 8, 2007 1 comment

This is the real masti and enjoyment you can see. I am in yellow t-shirt and the other two are my room mates- Mayank and Sonu. Both are good dancers real good wishers. We celebrated this moment on the change of my job. We cut a cake and the cream was pasted on my face. We all are from UP and celebrating this moment in typical UP style. watch this and enjoy…….

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